Being one of his passive investors, it’s been a positive experience, I’m excited to do more deals with Tauheed.

Robert Kosuda

I see that, in this group there is great transparency, and just the general feel of the group is great.

Israel Kook

We want to work with people that have a high level of integrity, and you can get that with Tauheed and TAAS Investments.

Demetria Hall

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During our real estate bus tour, we will be visiting three distinct asset classes, providing a comprehensive overview of each asset class period
  1. Build-to-Rent (BTR) Assets:
    • Under Construction: We'll visit a BTR asset currently under construction, where you'll learn about the process from entitlements, land development, and construction to what comes next after construction.
    • Fully Stabilized BTR : We will also tour a BTR property that is now fully stabilized and operational, showcasing our construction abilities and managing insights period.
  2. A Multifamily Property:
    • Full Cycle Deal: This stop includes a visit to a multifamily property that we purchased, managed, and sold. We will review the entire investment cycle, including acquisition, management, value-add strategies, and the eventual sale.
  3. Triple Net Lease (NNN) Property:
    • Starbucks Tenancy: We will make a stop at a triple net lease deal featuring Starbucks as the tenant. You'll gain insights into the benefits and management of NNN properties and understand why they are a favored choice for steady, long-term investment returns.
For a comfortable tour, we recommend bringing the following items:
  • Smartphone or Camera: For photos and videos of properties.
  • Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Suitable for walking and weather conditions.
  • Business Cards: For networking with other investors and the TAAS team.
  • Water and Snacks: Not required, we will have plenty of snacks and water bottles, but you may bring your own.
  • Questions: Prepare any questions you may have about the properties or investment opportunities.
  • Each property visit will last approximately 20 to 40minutes. During the visits, you can expect:
    • Guided Tours: TAAS will guide us through the properties, highlighting key features and potential investment benefits.
    • Q&A Sessions: There will be time allocated for questions and discussions about each property.
    • Market Insights: We'll provide market data and analysis relevant to each asset class.
    • Networking Opportunities: Interact with fellow investors and industry professionals to share insights and build connections.
Yes, you may bring a guest. Simply share this link with your guests and have them sign up for the tour. Only registered guests will be allowed to board our busses.